2015 Trimmer Trap TT-1

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The TT-1 Trimmer Rack is perfect for semi-pros and small contractors who only need to carry two trimmers. Also popular with larger contractors for carrying "stick edgers" or spare trimmers.

  • Included with your trimmer rack is a length of plastic spiral wrap (TT SW-1) which can be installed onto your trimmer shaft(s) to add additional protection where the shaft contacts the rubber cover on the racks hooks. Cut the wrap into approximately 6” long pieces and wrap it around the shaft near the trimmer head where the shaft rest in the hook.
  • Holds two trimmers.
  • Attaches to upper and lower rails of trailer creating much stronger mount than racks that attach to the top rail only.
  • 3/16" all welded steel construction includes high grade mounting hardware and durable powder coat finish.
  • Mounts to open or enclosed trailers (with MB-4 mounting brackets) quickly and easily.
  • Latch clips are secured to hinge with a lanyard to prevent loss.
  • Load or unload a trimmer in 3 seconds.
  • Locks trimmers individually with standard padlocks.
  • Place a round object that is about the same size as or a little larger than the trimmer handle into the racks cradle and push the racks hasp around the object causing it to bend slightly. The trimmers handle should now fit without being loose.
  • Trimmer handle rest is on an angle so that trimmer will not stay on the rack unless latched.
  • Trimmer handles are different shapes and sizes and the TT-1 Trimmer Rack was designed to accommodate most handles. However, if you find that your trimmer handles fit is a little too tight, the following procedure will adjust the rack for a better fit.
  • Replaceable handle cradle protects and tightly holds trimmers in place

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